Watermelon Puns

15 Watermelon Puns That Will Make You Lose Your Rind

Watermelon puns are the fruitiest kind of fun. These are the best watermelon puns from all over the internet. Add your favorite watermelon pun in the comments!

Why are watermelons the saddest fruit?

They get melancholy.

Why won’t anyone sit next to a watermelon?

They have a strange smelon.

Do you know what you call the outside of a watermleon?

Rind of.

Why are watermelons such good entrepreneurs?

They always have seed money.

Why do watermelons take such a long time to make decisions?

They’re always melon it over.

Why did the watermelon go crazy?

He lost his rind.

Why shouldn’t you go into business with a watermelon?

They’re seedy.

Did you hear about the fruit who was convicted of armed robbery?

Now he’s a waterfelon.

Did you hear about the guy who smashed all those fruits?

It was a slaughter melon.

Why did one melon break up with the other melon?

He didn’t know water problem was.

Did you hear about the watermelon who starred in a telanovella?

It was melondramatic.

What was the watermelon’s naughty pick-up line?

Want to see my melons?

What did the fruit write on his Valentine’s card?

You’re one in a melon!

You know what they say about when life gives you melons?

You might be dyslexic.

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