Thought Catalog Books is a new kind of book publisher. Founded in 2012, Thought Catalog Books is the print and physical media division within the Thought Catalog Network.
       Books connect our company’s digital-native roots with our love of traditional book publishing. Our books are designed as beloved art pieces.
We publish work we love.
       Pioneering an author-first and holistic approach to book publishing, we have created numerous best-selling print books, audiobooks, and eBooks in over 30 languages.

Books Contain Universes

With every book we publish, we collaborate with our authors to build a universe extending each work beyond the page. Customized to each author and their individual goals, we ideate and produce events, podcasts, NFTs, as well as physical objects like clothing, candles, and journals.

Author Janne Robinson leads a ticketed seminar at Thought Catalog’s studio
Karel Chladek’s book and matching tee
An original audio program built to extend the creative reach of author Brianna Wiest
A digital rarity based on Brianna Wiest’s poetry book Ceremony
Limited edition candles with the words of poet and calligraphist Jacqueline Whitney
Biodegradable notebooks fashioned in the aesthetic of Bianca Sparacino’s book The Strength In Our Scars
Enamel pin made as an accessory to Danica Gim’s guided journal
Seeds Planted in Concrete audiobook narrated by author Bianca Sparacino
Gift set created for your heart will heal by Chrissy Stockton
Digital campaign using book quotes
Official partners for translations and recontextualizations

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Thought Catalog Books releases are sold internationally through—our official online marketplace specializing in thoughtful books, apparel, home goods, and accessories carefully crafted to inspire your mind and surroundings.


Thought Catalog Books are carried in over 1,000 independent bookstores and gift shops in the United States and Canada. To carry Thought Catalog Books in your store, please contact or find us on Faire.


A Dream Within

by Jovana Rikalo

Forget Her

by Holly Riordan

The Mountain Is You

by Brianna Wiest

Books aren’t an antiquated technology. Books are cutting-edge technology. In fact, books are the greatest virtual reality machines on the market. While virtual reality engulfs the brain to present a different reality, books engage the brain and present a different reality through a more creative exchange between medium and self.

Chris Lavergne, Publisher • Book publishing in the digital age

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