10 Dating Games You Shouldn’t Waste Time Playing

There’s nothing worse than the person who pretends to wear their heart on their sleeve when they actually have an ace up it.

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How To Be In A Confusing, Undefined Modern Relationship

In any romantic relationship, there’s an unspoken contract of “I will provide for your needs if you provide for mine. I will entertain you, I will give you emotional fulfillment, I will satisfy your sexual desires, and you will do the same for me. That’s the deal.” These are needs that every human shares.

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10 Simple Rules For Finding The One (For Hopelessly Romantic Girls)

2. Don’t be afraid to approach him.

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27 Things I Feel More Like Than “A Room Without A Roof”

1. Like a freezer without burritos

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Date Someone Who Writes

Date someone who writes because they are not afraid to be dependent. They are not afraid to share and display pieces of their heart on multiple forums, yearning for people to read.

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