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  • in one case there is greater control of a singular organizational authority

    cairn.info It is interesting, for example, that in modernist discourse—within the social science disciplines as well as in popular culture—our urban areas, such as New York and Los Angeles, are considered as part of human reality, when Disneyland or Universal Studios grounds are considered as “fantasy” lands. A closer look at the construction of these two types of spaces, however, simply discloses that, in fact, both are humanly constructed, despite the fact that in one case there is greater control of a singular organizational authority (e.g., Disney), and in the other the authority is somewhat more diffuse, having to legitimize itself through dominant political processes (e.g., Los Angeles).
  • I learned that this…

    biblehub.com Then I applied myself to the understanding of wisdom, and also of madness and folly, but I learned that this, too, is a chasing after the wind.
  • LANY

    pitchfork.com LANY is less of a band, more of a Shutterstock image of what a band nowadays might be.
  • Leave Society

    amazon.com Li disliked trying to change others. Since college, he’d derived inspiration from a passage in The Book of Disquiet on how people who are concerned about evil and injustice in the world should begin the campaign against those things at their nearest source—themselves—in a task that would take a lifetime.
  • You’re still on that???

    thecreativeindependent.com When people request songs for me to play it’s usually shit I made when I was 20, and I’m like, “You’re still on that? I’ve come out with like 13 records since then.” Like I was saying earlier, all my records are about me at that time, so it’s really hard for me to look back.