Maybe This Is Me Moving On

Maybe this is me moving on. Maybe this is me finally taking off the rose-tinted glasses and seeing our relationship for…

4 Zodiacs Who Spent Too Much Of March Worrying

Taurus, bad things happen, but most of the time you end up okay. Take this month for example. You spent so much of your time worrying about things that never even ended up happening. Or things that did happen, but you were able to handle better than you could have ever imagined.

Warner Bros, Please Resurrect “Batgirl”!

Warner Bros. has long felt like the boss’s son of a studio. Its department heads inherited big named properties, have all the money they know what to do with and yet continue confuse us.

5 Signs You Need To Take A Break From Dating

Being on every dating app and cramming your schedule with dates for every night of the week isn’t always the most effective strategy when it comes to finding love … in fact, sometimes taking yourself out of the game and…

10+ Kind Killers

A list of horror film characters that take “killing with kindness” too literally.

A Tribute to Lance Reddick’s Versatility And Range

Friday, the world lost one of its great talents. With a career spanning nearly three decades, Lance Reddick was a face and voice you’d immediately recognize, and the glue that held many of television’s great shows together.