4 Zodiacs Who Would Rather Keep Their Options Open Than Commit

Some zodiacs are eager to commit to one person that they can picture spending forever alongside because they want that future to start as soon as possible. They’re excited to settle down and give up the dating life for good. However, other signs are scared of committing to the wrong person.

4 Zodiacs Who Need The Relationship To Feel 50/50

You might think Leos would be comfortable with a slightly lopsided relationship since they love to be spoiled — but Leos love to spoil their partners too. They want a relationship where they’re both being extra. Where they’re both shouting their love from the rooftops.

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Hard Workers to Absolute Slackers

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) You are a workaholic by nature and always do twice what’s expected of you. You are intensely grateful for every employment opportunity and vow to never hear an employer say they regret hiring you. You feel guilty when things are given to you for free. You are this way […]