The Best 80s Movies To Watch On Date Night

Predator. Campy action movies just aren’t made the same. There is just something about how hilariously cheesy they were yet still so awesome. It does help that there was no internet to go find out what your opinion is. It wasn’t high art, you just either enjoyed it or you didn’t.

7+ Scary Movies About Phones

Who do you call when your own phone betrays you? In these horror movies, the very tool you need for help is the one that may bring your demise.

Warner Bros, Please Resurrect “Batgirl”!

Warner Bros. has long felt like the boss’s son of a studio. Its department heads inherited big named properties, have all the money they know what to do with and yet continue confuse us.

5 Signs You Need To Take A Break From Dating

Being on every dating app and cramming your schedule with dates for every night of the week isn’t always the most effective strategy when it comes to finding love … in fact, sometimes taking yourself out of the game and…