The Struggle Of Being A Writer Who Doesn’t Write

My biggest downfall as a recovering writer is that all that tragedy—the tragedy that I used to include in every story—kind of broke me. I’m very much broken, even now as I write this because I’m forcing myself to jot the words down.


Don’t Date Someone Who Sends Mixed Signals

Don’t date someone who sends mixed signals because the right person won’t be embarrassed about how loudly they love you. They will tell the world about their feelings for you. They will make sure everyone knows, most important of all, you.


5 Things To Remember When You’re Burnt Out But Afraid To Stop Hustling

In the world we live in today, we are constantly being influenced by this idea that we always need to be on our “grind.” This grind mentality puts us in a state of pressure, as we are pushing to be the best versions of ourselves and to meet these high expectations we envision about our future-selves.


31 Days Of Halloween Movies For 2022

Every year, Freeform releases their schedule for their “31 Nights of Halloween.” It’s a fun tradition, watching spooky movies every day of October in the lead-up to everyone’s favorite candy-filled holiday.


Here’s Every Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope For August 2022

LIBRA: When Virgo season starts on August 23, you are going to start overthinking. You’re going to expect the worst and question every move you make. But you have to remember to trust yourself and your decision making skills.


Best Horror Movies on Amazon

Amazon’s library of horror movies can’t be beat, but with so many choices it can be tough deciding what to watch. Collected here are the best movies available to rent, buy, or stream for free on Amazon.


How To Tell If Your Attic Is Haunted

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered (at least once) whether your house might be haunted. It’s normal to be curious, especially when you have a penchant for horror movies or you have a particularly anxious personality type.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of July 16 – July 23

ARIES: This week, you’re going to be forced to take a cold hard look at where your life is headed. You need to reevaluate to make sure that you’re on the right path, to make sure that you haven’t fallen off course from your intended destination.