17 Types Of People Who Will Only Break Your Heart

People with wanderlust. Travel is great but if you can’t stay in the same place for longer than a year or so before you HAVE to move somewhere else you need to make sure the person you start dating knows about this. This is an extremely disruptive cycle that is not for everyone.


10+ Best Movies About Angels

They are messengers, they are ghosts, they are guardians. So many terms have been used to describe angels. They exist in…


Your Weekly Horoscope For September 24 – October 1

CAPRICORN: This week, expect reciprocation. If someone is unwilling to give you the same level of energy that you’re giving them, walk away. Save your time and effort for people who actually deserve it.


8+ Best Food Horror Movies

Whether it’s featuring murderous food, or cannibals adding their prey to the menu, food horror movies have it all.


M. Night Shyamalan Movies: The Rouge Auteur

M. Night Shyamalan is one of the most recognizable names in modern cinema. Journey into his career with a look at every movie directed by this individualistic, and at times divisive, filmmaker.


Your Weekly Horoscope For September 17 – September 24

This week, don’t be afraid to call it quits. If you aren’t happy with a relationship, a friendship, a hobby, or a job, then it’s okay to walk away. You don’t have to keep at it if it’s making you unhappy, if it’s negatively impacting your mental health. You’re allowed to let go.


Your Weekly Horoscope For September 10 – September 17

TAURUS: This week, you’ll have cause for celebration, so make the most of the moment. Don’t move onto the next item on your to-do list without stopping to congratulate yourself. Pause to have a little fun. Celebrate the wins, no matter how small.


Your Weekly Horoscope For September 3 – September 10

LIBRA: This week, think long and hard before coming to any major decisions. Listen to your head and your heart combined. Don’t rush to a conclusion because you could make the wrong one if you don’t consider every angle.


Your Weekly Horoscope For August 27 – September 3

This week, you should think with your head instead of your heart. Be careful with your decision making because you don’t want to end up miserable while trying to make someone else happy. You aren’t in charge of their peace of mind. You’re only in charge of your own.


Loving Yourself First When Having Eczema

One of the biggest struggles I had when my Eczema was at its worst was the inability to love myself and generally feeling unworthy of love. Because my skin was so inflamed and people would comment on how bad it looked…


Your Weekly Horoscope For August 13 – August 20

GEMINI: This week, be gentle with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over the mistakes you’ve made and the bad habits you’re having trouble breaking. Accept that you are an imperfect human and that it’s okay. You’re trying and that’s all that matters.