The Most Disturbing Scene in ‘Hereditary’

The scares in Hereditary are shocking, but the truly upsetting aspects of Ari Aster’s supernatural horror movie reside in its realistic depiction of the effects of tragedy and grief. For that reason, the most disturbing scene in Hereditary may not be exactly what you think.


Your Heart Doesn’t Choose Who You Love—Your Gut Does

“Gut feeling” is that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when he doesn’t call, text, or ask you out as often. It is an inner voice that echoes urgent words of caution that he might be cheating. It is the niggling feeling that something is off in your relationship. None of this is metaphorical.


11 Methods For Calming Your Anxious Mind

If you feel an anxiety attack coming on, play catch with yourself. After a few minutes of this, you will be completely calm. My therapist taught me this trick, and I really hope it can help someone else.


Sorry Haters: The ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Trailer Actually Looks Rad As Hell

When I heard they were making a sequel to everyone’s favorite witchy ’90s family movie, I was skeptical. Hocus Pocus (1993), now almost 30 years old, had that brightly colored ’90s charm that might not translate to 2022. Plus, movie sequels are often absolutely terrible. Well, Disney Plus just released a trailer for Hocus Pocus […]


Your Weekly Horoscope For July 2 – July 9

ARIES: This week, you’re going to feel overwhelmed. You’re going to question whether you should give up, but don’t let your doubts convince you to change your mind. If this is what you want, go for it.


12+ Best Taiwanese Horror Movies

Taiwan may not produce as many horror movies as some of its East Asian neighbors, but its status as a hotbed of horror is on the rise. Here are a few of the best horror movies from Taiwan.


Chucky’s Best Appearances, Ranked

Chucky is one of the most instantly recognizable horror villains ever. He’s also gone through more changes in physical appearance than most of his peers. This list ranks every different look Chucky has ever had.


What If I Drown In His Ocean?

I am too hooked on tomorrows that will never happen with the one who never intended for me to swim into his net.