4 Zodiacs Who Will Leave You If They Catch You In A Lie

Leos have high standards that they are unwilling to change for anyone. It doesn’t matter how attractive you are, what you do for a living, or how special you make them feel. If they realize that you can’t be trusted, then they’re going to decide that they can do better.

The 4 Most Persuasive Zodiacs (Who Might Manipulate You)

While most Capricorns have soft hearts and pure intentions, if you meet a toxic Capricorn, then you won’t even realize when you’re being manipulated. You’ll do whatever they say because they’ll make it sound like it’s in your best interest.

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Friday, the world lost one of its great talents. With a career spanning nearly three decades, Lance Reddick was a face and voice you’d immediately recognize, and the glue that held many of television’s great shows together.

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