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The 6 Best British TV Dramas Ever

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the United Kingdom has produced some of the best TV shows in the entertainment industry.

An Ode To The Early 2000s Romantic Comedy

Fellow lovers, dreamers, and comedy connoisseurs, We’re gathered here to remember the life of the 2000s romantic comedy, an era that taught every young Millennial that we could indeed “have it all.” The career, the beautiful house, and that special…

4 Zodiacs That Disarm Manipulators

We love a sign that fights back — and wins. Sagittarius Fun-loving, playful, and jovial Sagittarius may seem like they would…

Date Someone Who Eases Your Anxiety

Don’t date the guy who makes you feel bad when you want to spend an evening at home. Don’t date the guy who gets angry about how quiet you are around his friends.

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