I Lost My Partner To Suicide

Though it’s been three years since he passed, I still talk about him in present tense. I want to remember every part of him, because he is so much more than the way he died. Like his unique humor and how he loved history. Like how he made everyone around him feel loved. In all forms, he was such a beautiful soul.

This Is For Anyone Who’s Over 25 And Still Single

Do not settle. I cannot stress this enough. If you have gotten this far in life without settling for a relationship that did not add happiness to your life, or even worse, drained bliss from your life, why go back now?

For The First Time In My Life, I’m Okay With Being Seen

I don’t mind sharing my mind and my heart and my words and my voice because I truly believe in the value of my being. Not of my body, but of my soul and my ability to interact with this world with gratitude and love for everything in it.

5 Ways To Feel More Grounded

While breathing is automatic, it should also be done intentionally. Pausing to take a couple of deep breaths frees the mind and body. Better yet, a lungful of fresh, clean air recharges the soul.