4 Zodiacs Who Are Sick Of Valentine’s Day

Some zodiac signs cannot wait to celebrate their love on a holiday made specifically for couples. Others are a little less thrilled about the holiday – and sometimes forget about it until it’s too late and they’re scrambling for a gift.

The Personality Trait That Holds Each Zodiac Sign Back

Aries Hotheaded. Whether you define it as “bold” or “aggressive,” that hotheadedness can often cause some chaos in your life. It might make you difficult to work with or maybe it makes you a friend that people fear. Try to turn that heat down a bit every once in a while — it’ll help you […]

4 Zodiacs Who Need Time Between Serious Relationships

Pisces are a sensitive sign, so loss weighs heavily on them. They will spend a lot of time crying over their ex. A lot of time ranting about their ex. A lot of time considering whether they should reach out to their ex. It will be a while until their heart has fully forgotten about this person, and they can’t date someone until that happens because it just wouldn’t be fair to the new partner.

7+ Starvation Movies

Starvation isn’t just about malnutrition. Here is a list of the best films with starved souls and bodies alike.