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  • Why I’ll Never Hide My Acne With Makeup Again

    refinery29.com Change is really important for me — not just internally, but externally, I’m always trying to find a new makeup look or a new hair color. It’s really fun for me to see all the different possibilities of who you can be physically. It helps you find out who you are, and what your identity really is.
  • Getting Lost In Thought So I Can Find Myself

    manrepeller.com Narrative is wrapped so tightly around identity and lately I feel that my identity is at risk of losing itself if I can’t commit to getting lost occasionally. Letting real life, not virtual life author a chapter or two. Constant, immediate feedback all the time, every day, even hour shapes the stories we tell ourselves. We become machines of reaction instead of those of proactivity. The praise, the backlash, all of it is dangerous and when these stories become the sum of those we tell ourselves, we get lost in sentences we’re not writing. It is unconscious and dangerous and I want nothing to do with it.
  • Chance the Rapper Is Here to Save the Media

    gq.com In February, WNYC, KPC, and WAMU bought Gothamist's assets, and Chance bought Chicagoist from them. He even sings about it in one of his new songs, "I Might Need Security": "I bought the Chicagoist just to run you racist bitches outta business."
  • How Good Guys Act At Bachelor Parties

    twitter.com My boyfriend is at his best friend's 3 day bachelor party in Vegas. Every single place they go the groom-to-be insists they all cheers to his fiancé, and they have.Every. single. place.  There are men out there celebrating the woman they love, not mourning the loss of their 'freedom'
  • ‘The barrier to entry is zero’

    digiday.com Either you really overpay for a Kardashian or insert top-tier talent, which is a bespoke transaction with lots of representation and tends to be less muddy. Or it’s anyone under 500,000 [followers]; just stick them on a list, and they don’t really matter at the end of the day. It’s content by the ton.

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