4 Zodiacs Who Are Most Likely To Find Love On The Dance Floor

Pisces, even though you might not consider yourself the best dancer, for some reason, you feel your most confident when you’re moving to the music. When you can get lost in what you’re doing and enjoy the present instead of worrying about what might happen tomorrow. It’s when you’re your most carefree and open, which is incredibly attractive.

4 Birth Months Who Handle Stress The Best

JULY: Even though you might feel overwhelmed when dealing with stress, you never show it on the outside. You never let anyone else know how much you’re struggling because you don’t want to panic them and make their worry worse.

Every Zodiac Has An Attachment Style—This Is Yours

Everyone has specific behaviors in a relationship with the way they attach (or don’t attach) to people. The “attachment theory” highlights the three types of attachments: secure, anxious, and avoidant.

5 LGBTQ+ Movies Coming Out in June

Pride month is here at last. Corporations are rainbow-ifying their logos as stores roll out their pride collections. The profit-hungry virtue signaling rightfully garners an eye-roll from many in the LGBTQ+ community.

‘Terrifier 3’ Is Officially Happening!

“There’s a lot more to explore with Art the Clown, the pale girl, Victoria, and certainly Sienna as our final girl. We will be following her journey to the end of this franchise.”

12 Surprising Red Flags That Expose Narcissists on the First Date

Whether on the first date or the one-year anniversary, narcissists eventually exhibit twelve red flags that give away their true nature. More covert manipulators may unmask themselves only after they suspect you’re already invested in the relationship.

Is ‘The Terminator’ a Slasher Movie?

Many people claim The Terminator (1984) is a slasher movie, but how much truth is in that assessment? This article takes a look at both sides of the argument before making a reasoned conclusion about status of The Terminator as a slasher.