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How To Be A Single 20-Something With Anxiety

20 something girl with anxiety

For me, dating is an entire world of anxiety. What do I wear? What if he takes me home? What if he kills me? What if I have nothing to say? Do I write notes in my phone for discussion topics? What if I choke and I die while he’s talking about his cute dogs to me?

Advice From a Millennial to a Boomer: Enough is Enough

Millennial woman jumps up in the air, looking carefree and happy

Just because we don’t get the same types of job as those before us doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard and fulfilling our potential. Just because we don’t value home ownership or start a family as soon as we hit our twenties doesn’t mean we don’t desire a family or a loving relationship. Just because we’re more open about mental health doesn’t mean we’re weak. Just because we don’t abide by the same ideals as you doesn’t mean we don’t have ideals of our own.

The Very Real Side Effects Of Living As An Over-Thinker

Overthinking girl

Maybe the world needs us over analyzers in order to shift its own thinking and make people see beyond the horizon, or maybe they need us to believe in something that isn’t just a mirage. I think these side effects from a medicine that only the brave are willing to take, are set in our minds for a reason.

What We All Can Do Right Now To Prevent Another Charlottesville

Woman holds a sign at a protest

The events of Charlottesville have shown us all something, and that something is that Nazism is alive and well, right here in our home. Never mind the fact that World War II ended over 70 years ago and that millions of minorities were killed in one of the largest genocides in human history. The embers of that fire of hate and death never really went out, and fuel has been slowly poured on it ever since. It’s just now that we are noticing the embers have turned into a blaze.

9 Struggles Of Being An Extrovert With Social Anxiety

No one would ever guess you have social anxiety. People with social anxiety never utter a peep, right? So, your 15-minute story definitely eliminates any possibility for you to be anxious. HAH, you wish! Little do those around you know, the constant chatter and jokes coming from you is far from an indication of confidence. More like the result of not being able to contain the disorganized mess that is your racing thoughts.

10 Things Guys Want From You (That They Won’t Ask For)

It’s empowering to feel trusted. It’s an acknowledgment that you think he’s a great guy. Jumping to negative conclusions, being paranoid or consistently doubting his intentions, on the other hand, is offensive to someone trying to earn your trust. He might just withdraw emotionally, because he can’t trust you to believe in him.

15 Signs Your Friends Are Taking Advantage Of Your Kind Nature


You find yourself wondering how the relationship became this bad because it never seemed this way early on. Sometimes a friendship can go south if you don’t see a person’s true intentions early on. You also could be doing something that allows the cycle to continue, so it’s always up to you to pay close attention the people you call friends. Choose wisely.

10 Uncomfortable Signs You Need To Put More Effort Into Dating

Dating is an enlivening and fulfilling experience that, even in itself, is worthy of some serious enthusiasm. Approach it like the adventure it is and allow yourself to feel the excitement of anticipation. Let go of any ‘rules’ you have surrounding that mythical perfect guy and date guys with traits you may not have considered before. Make dating a priority and, like everything else in life, you’ll soon reap the rewards of a proactive approach.

Read This When You Feel Like You Are Failing As A Mother

Mother with her child

I couldn’t help wonder why I was so different to everyone else. Why did I not feel absolute bliss when I was at home with the kids? Why did I enjoy drinking wine with friends when I was away with work instead of wallowing in self-pity in my hotel room because I missed them so much?

If You Really Care About Her, Let Her Know Before It’s Too Late

She wants the games to end. She wants things to be simple again. She wants to be able to be herself around you like she used to do so easily. She wants to move on from this complicated limbo of almost’s and what if’s. She wants to know that you feel the same because she has absolutely no idea if you truly do anymore.

What I Learned About Love, I Learned From My Parents

My parents never directly told us what love really is, how we should love, and even how it would feel to be loved, but, somehow, I learned about what love is and what it’s not. They are always leading by example, like they always do. Through the daily patterns of their love, from the biggest gestures to the littlest ones, I have known, seen, and felt love

You Are Not Temporary

You shouldn’t put a discount on yourself just because you don’t know your worth and you shouldn’t be okay with something just because everyone else seems to be okay with it.

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