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A Writer’s Diary Entries From Early November, 1985

At Amsterdam Pizza, a man asked if he could sit down at my table, and I said, “Sure.” His hands and face had the purplish lesions that are the mark of Kaposi’s sarcoma. I tried not to stare at them or at the man, but I kept thinking about how the fear of AIDS has turned society hysterical. When Houston mayoral candidate Louie Welch said that his plan to get rid of AIDS was to “shoot the queers,” he spoke for many Americans.

Girls, You’re Allowed To Be Angry 

Girls, You're Allowed To Be Angry 

Your anger exists for a reason. It’s telling you something isn’t right about the situation you’re in. It’s telling you the person you’re dealing with is not treating you the right way. It’s telling you something needs to change. 

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