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Pursue Meaning, Not Success

I’m not telling you that you have to quit your job to pursue your passions full-time in order to be fulfilled. That’s not true, and sometimes that kind of pressure can extinguish the fire of what we love to do.

Your Dreams Are Not About You

It’s about something so much greater than you. Something only you have been chosen to bring to the world. To be sure, you are important, you are irreplaceable, you most certainly matter, but it’s still not about you.

It’s Okay To Fall Apart

Actually, it’s necessary to fall apart. It’s necessary to crumble on the bathroom floor, the cold tiles pressed against your burning skin.

It Is Okay To Want A Pure Love

It is okay to want someone who brings support and encouragement. It is okay to want someone who values you, someone who teaches you self-respect, and someone who inspires you to invest in your own development.

10 Signs This Relationship Is For Real

10 Signs This Relationship Is For Real

You never question whether your person is going to leave, whether they’re going to cheat, whether they care less than you care. You know your person is in love with you because they show it in a million little ways every single day.

The Goal Isn’t Happiness

The times in my life when I still believed that happiness was the be-all and end-all was when I, ironically, became the most depressed. That sort of toxic positivity made me feel like a shell of my former self.

When You Fall In Love With Yourself, You Become Limitless

When I fell in love with who I had become, versus the anxious person who continually self-sabotaged herself, I knew that I could fall in love with life — and eventually also with someone who embraces all of me with open arms, and with a kind heart and a beautiful soul.

When The Emotions Speak For Themselves

In the place that is physically my home, it is cold, dark, and demeaning, everything that is the opposite of the piercingly bright light that he brings into my life with his presence and connection.

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