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On Talking To My Dead Mother

When you first start talking to them it can feel painful. You might start crying. Your natural reaction might be to close off as a result. Know that this is all a natural part of the grieving process. 

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-December, 1986

We made tentative plans for Saturday night. He said I should call him Saturday afternoon after he gets back from his facial. Can you see me with a guy who gets facials? I don’t even know any women who get facials! And then I feel like a creep for being so close-minded and wonder if I’m not a little homophobic myself.

What Girls ACTUALLY Think When You Check Them Out

What Girls ACTUALLY Think When You Check Them Out

If they seem nice, I’ll appreciate it. If they seem creepy, I feel dirty and want to leave asap. It doesn’t matter if they’re ugly or not. I’ve had ridiculously good looking guys check me out and they were super creepy. And unattractive guys check me out, but they seemed nice so whatever. You can tell usually from intuition.

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