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What’s Yours Remains Yours

This world, in its depths of sapphire blues and forest greens, shows up for you. The pillow puffed clouds outline the crux of your imagination, that only you understand.

Running In the Age Of Coronavirus

Running In the Age Of Coronavirus

You cannot sleep in these days, not any longer, because the minute your mind jolts awake, your stomach jumbles into knots. You sit up at the edge of your bed and swipe your phone into silence, closing alert after alert about cities shutting down, businesses closing.

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Late September, 1987

This morning Teresa spoke to Eric, and I could hear them having a fight about his not calling over the weekend. Eric called her back just a minute after Teresa had left for work, and I ran out to the street to find her. When I said he was on the phone, she said, “Tell him to go to hell.”

The Truth Is, You Should Be Here

Heaven gets the one person that I never thought I’d have to learn to live without, and it is so lucky for that. Any person or place that gets to have you is the absolute luckiest in the world. 

I Want To Want Anyone Else But You

I’d pay a million bucks to think about anyone else but you. I’d write a check right now just to have my breath stolen by someone else who crossed my mind, someone who doesn’t have your earthy brown eyes or your slightly lopsided smile.

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