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When You Know They Are Fading

When You Know They Are Fading

It dawns on you, or you finally admit what you’ve been thinking for a while, while you’re lying in bed that morning, that they’re doing a slow fade — slow enough that you can’t really call them out on it without their calling you overbearing or crazy.

This Time, I Choose Myself

I walked away. I walked away from someone who made my heart feel things I didn’t know it could feel. I walked away from someone I did not want to leave. I walked away from something I no longer wanted. I walked away for myself.

When You Realize He’s Been Leading You On, Walk Away

When You Realize He's Been Leading You On, Walk Away

You deserve better than someone who is unable to see your value. Someone who was perfectly fine with stringing you along, even though they knew you were going to end up hurting, even though they knew they were doing the wrong thing, even though they knew it was selfish. 

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-May, 1987

I got some pizza at Cesar’s (the old Hispanic place, not the shiny new kosher pizza and falafel restaurant across the street). Amsterdam Avenue is obviously in flux now between the world of the old black and Puerto Rican residents and the newly-gentrified boutiques and bars. You know who’ll come out ahead. Yet I feel the day of reckoning for NYC is fast approaching.

My Long Goodbye To Men

I’ve been thinking about how my emotional landscape will never be one that a man can hold. It is too fast, the seasons change too quickly, and the lightning too often strikes the ground.

It’s Time To Start Trusting The Universe

Do not limit yourself to a belief that your life will turn out this way or that way, just believe that wherever you end up, it will be positive, an incredible journey—it will be everything you ever wanted, and even possibly a whole lot more than that. 

An Ode To Vulnerability

Nothing connects two people quite like the rawness of the truth, the messiness of reality, the romance of feeling safe enough to open up to someone. It takes any relationship to the next level.

The Night I Called You At 4 AM

There are a thousand and one things I could thank you for—more, probably. Definitely. But I wouldn’t even know where to start, how to start. People who say I have a way with words really don’t know me very well.

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