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I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

getting over someone

All I know is that I want to quit you, I want to quit this game, but then I see your face and all my logic goes out the window. I see your smile and all my strength leaves my body. I wish I knew how to quit you. If I could, I would.

The Honest Difference Between Lust And Love

Figuring out the difference between love and lust

Please don’t mistaken lust for love. Because it’s only going to end in pain and a hurting heart. It’s only going to end in an ending. Because lust is almost always going to be short lived. It’s just a chemical reaction. It’s not a promise of forever. It’s not real.

When He Moves On Way Before You Do

moving on

Your parents like her. She is quiet, unsuspecting, pretty, and doesn’t talk about money, jobs, or her strange family. You two don’t text excessively and it doesn’t bother her. You hang out most weeknights and some weekends. I try to rid myself of the parts of me that I have assigned the blame of losing you.

I Can’t Date You Because I’m An Artsy Cool Boy

Artsy Cool Boy

This is as equally devastating for you as is it for me, but we just can’t be together. Art is driving us apart—and by art I specifically mean mine, because I can’t remember what you told me you did, but I’m an architect. I just need to focus on my craft. And also sleep with other people.

Our Last Tango

You close in, I step back. A choreographed ploy. Desire begins to claw at my heart. Reaching and pulling, consuming it whole.

How I Managed To Keep My Anxiety Under Control

In 2016, my anxiety and the obsessive way I try to deal with it hit its peak. But, it was also the year that I managed to take a step back and start to regain some semblance of perspective — it was the year I started to understand what was healthy for my mind and what wasn’t.

This Is The Brutal Truth About Loving A Drug Addict

They won’t tell you what it’s like to see the first overdose. They won’t tell you how scary it is to watch someone nod off, itch and be in slow motion. They won’t tell you what it’s like when you get the first phone call stating they’re unconscious.

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