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A Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-August, 1988

She said I should be very pleased about getting the grant because NYSCA approved only 18 of 44 applicants. The grant amount is $3750, to be distributed at the middle and end of the residency period. . . Just when I was once again telling myself to give up on my writing career, I get word I shouldn’t.

Darling, Don’t Come Back

if ever you find yourself
delirious and overwhelmed
with the temptation
to reach out to me,
I hope you choose
to crawl back into the grave
that you dug for yourself instead.

How To Talk About Racism With Your Family

Being an ally can include many things, such as educating yourself and others, sharing resources, and signing petitions, but one of the most effective ways that we can bring about social change is by fostering conversations with our friends and family.

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