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Shahida is the author of Power: Surviving and Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse and the poetry book She Who Destroys the Light. She is a staff writer at Thought Catalog.

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6 Things You Need To Know If You’re Dating An INFJ

Recognize that when an INFJ has called you out, it’s not because they don’t care for you or love you. In fact, it’s usually because they care enough and are invested in the relationship to try to make it work. Rather than shutting down or criticizing them for expressing their needs, it’s best to find a common ground and validate their emotions.

5 Signs You’re A Caffeine Junkie And Need Rehab (Just Kidding, We Both Know Coffee Is Life, Don’t You Dare Take That Cup Away)

You might hear repeated requests from your loved ones to stop drinking so much coffee. You’re told that you need to cut down so you can get a good night’s rest. In response, you have plenty of excuses ready at hand to rationalize the hell out of your addiction – including a binder full of research filled with the reported benefits of caffeine consumption.

10 Survivors Reveal What It’s Like Co-Parenting With A Narcissist – And How They Thrived Against All Odds

“The most difficult aspect of co-parenting is the belief that it’s actually possible to co-parent with the narcissist. Co-parenting means you both are committed to raising the child with the child’s best interest at heart. The narcissist does not have the child’s best interest at heart, regardless of how hard he (or she) tries to portray himself as the perfect parent.”

50 Devious Habits Of Highly Toxic Narcissists (And Why They Do What They Do)

Agency, independence and the ability to thrive on your own terms is very threatening to a toxic individual. Toxic people require that their victims be isolated – success, economic empowerment and a solid support network all threaten this, so they feel they have to take back the reins on the parts of your life that grant you a sense of stability and self-actualization.

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