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5 Things You Don’t Realize He’s Doing Because He’s A Narcissist

12 Things Narcissists Say And What They REALLY Mean

Perhaps you make excuses for his hot and cold treatment of you, but deep down you know there is something terribly wrong. He might subject you to cruel insults, overt and covert put-downs and even gaslight you into believing that you’re losing your mind. The person he’s acting like now bears little to no resemblance to the person he presented himself to be in the beginning.

The Liminal Space Between Heartbreak And Healing: 7 Steps To Get Out Of Emotional Limbo

Liminal Space

This is the numbness you feel right after a breakup. It’s the frozen terror you feel when you receive bad news. It’s the shock that hasn’t worn off a tragedy. The liminal space is the unprocessed aftermath of trauma. It is emotional limbo. It demands some sort of movement, yet to move forward feels achingly wrong. To be in this sort of transitional space can potentially be transformative, if you know how to make use of your journey before you step over the threshold.

5 Reasons Why People Attempt Suicide

It’s important to talk about why suicide attempts and ideation occur. It’s important to destigmatize the suffering of those who may be shouldering their pain in silence. It’s important to be mindful of how we treat those who choose to share their struggles and to be mindful that not everyone may be as open in coming forward or reaching out for help.