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     Brianna is the bestselling author of the books 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think, The Mountain Is You, The Pivot Year, and more. Her books have sold over 1 million copies, regularly appear on global bestseller lists, are currently being translated into 40+ languages.
     After working as a journalist as a post-graduate, writing for publications such as Forbes and Teen Vogue, Brianna began sharing her creative writing and personal reflections gained from years of self-inquiry and meditation practice. Over time, her work was shared around the world, and has since touched millions with messages of empowerment, self-reflection, and hope.
     Today, Brianna is a partner at Thought Catalog, where she first published her books and began sharing her personal writing. She lives and works in Los Angeles, and travels to speak at businesses, conferences and bookstores worldwide.

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Sept. 14th at 4pm

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