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‘Tár’ Is The Latest #MeToo Movie That No One Actually Needed

Sexual harassment is wrong—period, end of sentence. No matter who is in the position of power. As a woman, it is mentally and emotionally difficult to process the sheer amount of offenses exposed in past years by the media and later reinterpreted in art. We have documentaries on the USA gymnastics abuse scandal, The Morning Show, and Bombshell. I’m not sure Tár was a necessary addition or brought anything new or of value to the conversation. 

Hope Floats

It is the impact I do have, however small, that I turn my focus to. The impact of an average, ordinary person.

7 Years: An Essay In The Fifth Person

But while I can divvy everything up into silly little periods to fit this equation, I know it’s nothing more than a joke for entertainment’s sake, because seven years is such an arbitrary marker of change.