Plant Puns

20 Plant Puns That Will Leaf You Wanting More

If you’re a sap for plant puns, you’re in the right place. When it comes to finding funny plant jokes, we’re doing just vine!

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1. What did the big flower say to the little flower?

What’s up, bud?!

2. How do succulents confess their feelings?

“Aloe you so much!”

3. Why was the gardener so embarrassed?

He wet his plants!

4. Where do flowers recharge?

At a power plant!

5. What do you call a cheerleading herb?

An encourage mint!

6. How did the gardener know his herbs were fully grown?

It was just about thyme!

7. What kind of flowers bloom on your face?


8. Why did the cactus get in trouble at school?

It couldn’t keep its plants to itself!

9. Why couldn’t the gardener plant any flowers?

He hadn’t botany!

10. What makes some plants better at math than others?

Square roots!

11. Why wouldn’t one plant date the other?

They didn’t want no shrubs!

12. Why do herbs use Tinder?

For Netflix and dill!

13. What do you call a garden nursery?

Plant Parenthood!

14. What do plants do when the first meet each other?

They in-tree-duce themselves!

15. What’s the saddest plant?

A weeping widow!

16. What do you call a nervous tree?

A sweaty palm!

17. How do plants practice self-care?

They try to weed out unnecessary drama!

18. Why do plants go to therapy?

To get to the root of their problems!

19. Why was the cactus so smug?

It was an arrogant prick!

20. How did the flowers survive so long without water?

They really rose to the occasion! TC mark

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