Elephant Puns

10 Elephant Puns For When You Need A Big Laugh

Ready for a giant laugh? Here are some elephant puns that you’ll never forget!

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1. What’s an elephant’s secret talent?

They’re great at multi-tusking!

2. What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter?


3. What’s big and grey and wears a mask?

The elephantom of the opera!

4. Why does everyone want to employ elephants?

They’ll work for peanuts!

5. How do elephants bathe?

With their trunks on!

6. What do you call an elephant that’s never clean?

A smelly-phant!

7. What do you call a light-headed elephant?

And ele-faint!

8. Why did the elephant start the stampede?

Because it wanted to be herd!

9. What’s an elephant’s favorite sport?


10. Why don’t elephants use computers?

Because they’re afraid of the mouse!

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