Sheep Puns

12 Sheep Puns That Wool Definitely Make Ewe Laugh

What do ewe do when ewe need a good laugh? Read some sheep puns, of course! Don’t wool them out before you try them.

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1. What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate?

A candy baa!

2. How do you greet a sheep on Christmas?

Merry Christmas to ewe!

3. How to sheep say “Merry Christmas” in Mexico?

Fleece Navidad!

4. What do you call a dancing sheep?

A baa-lerina!

5. Where do sheep get their wool cut?

The baa-baa shop!

6. Why are sheep such bad drivers?

They always make illegal ewe turns!

7. What is a sheep’s ultimate goal?

To wool the world!

8. Why did the eye skip the family reunion?

It was always the black sheep of the family!

9. What’s a sheep’s favorite singer?

Britney Shears!

10. Why can’t sheep stop injuring themselves?

I don’t know, they just keep ramming into things!

11. Why was the lamb hiding from everyone?

It was feeling sheepish!

12. What do you call an old sheep?

Pasture prime!

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