Love Puns

10 Love Puns To Send To Your Person

The best love puns to share with your person because nothing says “I love you” like a good laugh.

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1. You are the coffee to my espresso.

And I love you a latte.

Love Puns

2.  I’m soy

into you.

3. I cannoli be happy

when I’m with you.

4. I have bean

thinking about you.

Love Puns

5. I cannot espresso

how much you mean to me.

6. You will always have

a pizza of my heart.

7. A toast to you:

You always know how to make everything butter.

8. You make miso happy.

I always have a souper time with you.

9. I loaf you a lot.

Let’s go to bread.

Love Puns

10. Your love is like vodka.

You were worth the chase.

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