15 Vegetable Puns That Will Make You LOL

These vegetable puns will make you lol in five seconds flat. The next time you sit down to dinner or hit up the grocery store, whip out a few of these vegetable puns to get yourself a laugh.

1. Why did the salad win an award?

It went above and beyond the kale of duty

2. Why didn’t the root vegetable take the job?

The celery was too low.

3. What prompted the last massive veggie protest?

Privileged information was leeked.

4. What do veggies say on their birthday?

Lettuce celebrate!

5. What is corn on the cobb’s favorite song?

A-maize-ing Grace.

6. Why was the teenage veggie so snarky?

She didn’t carrot all.

7. What does a vegetable in love tell his date?

Let’s not beet around the bush.

8. I’d tell you a joke about a potato.

I just don’t know where to starch.

9. Why was the vegetable crossing its legs?

It had to take a leek.

10. What did one ear of corn say to the other?

“You’re getting a little husky.”

11. What’s Michelle Obama’s favorite veggie?


12. What did the woman say when the waiter told her there was no corn?

“Well that really shucks.”

13. What did one sweet potato say to the other?

Wow! I yam impressed!

14. What horror movie do all vegetables love?

Silence Of The Yams.

15. Why did the tomato blush?

It could see the salad dressing.

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