36 Cheesy Pizza Puns

Take a bite out of these pizza puns!

Open wide! These pizza puns are going to leave a delicious taste in your mouth.

1. What pizza do dogs eat?


2. How can you tell if you are in love?

If they stole a pizza your heart.

3. What does a pizza say when it wants to cuddle?

Fold me close.

4. What type of person doesn’t love pizza?

A weirdough.

5. What did the pizza say when it asked the topping out on a date?

I never sausage a beautiful face.

6. What does a pizza say when it introduces itself to you?

Slice to meet you.

7. What is a pizza’s favorite movie?

Pie hard.

8. Want to hear a joke about pizza?

Never mind, it’s too cheesy.

9. What do you call a sleeping pizza?


10. Why did the man go into the pizza business?

He wanted to make some dough.

11. What did the boss say to his pizza during their meeting?

There’s mushroom for improvement.

12. “Waiter, will my pizza be long?”

“No sir, it will be round!”

13. What kind of pizza do you order on Christmas?

Cheeses Crust.

14.What’s the difference between a pizza and my pizza jokes?

My pizza jokes can’t be topped!

15. How do you fix a broken pizza?

With tomato paste.

16. What does an anteater like on its pizza?


17. What did the pizza say to the delivery guy?

You don’t pepper-own-me.

18. What does a pizza wear to smell good?


19. Why does the mushroom always get invited to pizza parties?

Because he’s such a fungi.

20. What is a pizza maker’s favorite song?

Slice, Slice Baby.

21. What do pizza delivery guys and porn stars both see too much of?

Stiff tips.

22. Why did Pizza Hut stop delivering pizza to the ghetto?

Because they were told that Dominoes were always getting played!

23. How do you get a musician off your front porch?

Pay for the pizza.

24. How do you get the Arizona State grad off your front porch?

Pay for the pizza.

25. What did the parmesan say when it broke up with the mozzarella?

Sorry but I am too mature for you.

26. How can you tell if a customer is a Buddhist?

They ask you to make them one with everything.

27. What’s the difference between a delivery driver and the pizza they deliver?

The pizza can feed a family of four.

28. What did the doughnut say to the pizza?

If I had as much dough as you, I wouldn’t be hanging around this hole.

29. Why did the hipster burn his lips?

He ate his pizza before it was cool.

30. I burnt my Hawaiian pizza.

I should have used aloha temperature.

31. I have been trying to write a new pizza joke…

But I can’t work out the delivery.

32. What is the best way to stop a pizza curling?

Hide its brush.

33. I had a goat’s cheese pizza the other day.

He wasn’t happy.

34. Where do pepperonis go on vacation?

The Leaning Tower of Pizza.

35. What do a gynecologist and a pizza boy have in common?

They can smell it but they cant eat it!

36. What did the pepperoni say to the cook?

You wanna pizza me?

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