Goat Puns

47 Goat Puns That Aren’t So Baaaaaaaad (If You’ve Goat The Time)

Quit butting in—we goat this.

1. What do you call a goat on a mountain?


2. Why is it hard to carry on a conversation with a goat?

Because they are always butting in.

3. What do you call a goat that lip-syncs?

Billy Vanilli.

4. Who did the goats vote for as president?

Billy Clinton.

5. What do you call a goat who is in charge of a university?

Billy Dean.

6. How do you keep a goat from charging?

You take his credit card away!

Daniella Urdinlaiz

8. What do mountain climbers share around the campfire?

Goat Stories!

9. What kind of music do goats listen to?


10. What do you call a royal goat wearing denim?

Billy Jean King.

11. What do you call a lazy goat?

Billy Idle.

12. Why did the ram run over the cliff edge?

Because he didn’t see the ewe turn.

13. What do you call a goat swimming in the sea?

Billy Ocean.

14. What do you call a Spanish goat with no hind legs?


15. What do you call an immature goat?

A silly billy.

16. What do you call a goat who paints pictures?

Vincent Van Goat.

17. What’s a goat’s favorite drink?


18. What’s a goat’s favorite TV show?

America’s Goat Talent.

19. What’s a goat’s favorite musical?

Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Goat.

20. What did the little goats say when they were caught playing a prank on the sheep?

Sorry, we were just kidding.

21. What do you call an outlaw goat?

Billy the Kid.

22. What did the goat say when he woke up on a train?

I have no idea how I goat here.

23. What’s the definition of butter?

An angry goat.

24. Why was the farmer angry?

Because someone got his goat.

25. Why are goats from France musical?

Because they have French horns.

26. What symbolizes a goat’s family tree?

A goat of arms.

27. Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I’m a goat.

How long has this been going on?

Since I was a kid.

One-Liner Goat Puns

28. For goat’s sake, that’s enough.

29. If a goat grows a beard, is it a goatee?

30. Something’s goat to give.

31. Here we goat again.

32. You have goat to be kidding me.

33. Ain’t nobody goat time fo’ dat.

34.Cat goat your tongue?

35. Row row row your goat.

36. Shit just goat serious.

37. I goat this.

38. Whatever floats your goat.

39. I feel baaaaaad.

40. Goat milk?

41. Is a mountain goat a hillbilly?

42. If a young goat learns a martial art, are they a karate kid?

43. I told my parents I wanted to raise goats for a living, but I was only kidding.

44. Do hairless goats wish they had mohair?

45. When milking a nervous goat, you should use kid gloves.

46. Is a goat that eats office supplies on a staple diet?

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