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The Sentinelese Tribe: The Last Stone Age Humans On Earth?

For at least the past thousand years, attempts to make contact with the tribesmen on this tiny island have resulted in a hail of arrows and spears flung at the intruders, frequently resulting in death. They made headlines late in 2018 when they killed a young American missionary who wanted to spread the Gospel to them.

Anne Boleyn: 9 Fascinating Facts About The Queen Who Changed England (And Lost Her Head In The Process)

Known as “Anne of the Thousand Days,” Anne Boleyn was Queen of England for only three years but still managed to turn the world upside-down. Through her charm, intelligence, and stubborn willpower, she led King Henry VIII to divorce his first wife and split from the Catholic Church. Then, when she failed to produce him a male heir to his throne, he dragged her into jail and had her beheaded on false charges of adultery, incest, and witchcraft.

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