10+ Friendship Puns To Share With Your BFF

Sharing awesome puns with your friends!

The best friend puns to share with your friends and BFF.

Let’s be real. You and your friends love wordplay and making stupid jokes and puns. All those weird things you say to your friends is what makes you such good friends in the first place. You have a secret language with your friends.

These friendship puns are a great way to keep adding new elements of fun to your conversations. These friendship puns range, some are great puns for expressing love and others (like #2) are just great puns to send to your best friend.

1. Accordion to me

You’re awesome.

2. My best friend and I attended culinary school together and then opened our own restaurant.

I guess we are taste buds.

3. My friend helped me through a really hard time.

She was my rock.

4. My friend lives by a cliff.

He’s always telling me to drop over.

5. Nothing beets

Time with you.

6. Why do trees have so many friends?

They branch out.

7. Orange you glad

To see me?

8. We have such…

Great thymes!

9. We’ve been friend for five years.

Lettuce celebrate…

10. I’m so grapeful

You’re in my life.

11. Friendship goes

Goes onion and on.

12. I miss you.

Let’s ketchup.

14. My best friend?

We’re mint to be.

16. Breast friends


What are your favorite friend puns? Share them in the comments.

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