Sad Puns

10 Sad Puns That’ll Make You Laugh Till You Cry

Not to rain on your parade, but the best jokes are usually the darkest, too. These sad puns might make you want to cry, but you’ll probably laugh, too!

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1. Why was the bed so depressed?

Because nothing really mattress!

2. Why was the doe so upset about the heat wave?

Because climate change is deer-replaceable!

3. Why didn’t the egg want to hatch?

Because egg-sistence is a nightmare!

4. Why couldn’t the psychic stop crying?

He wasn’t a happy medium!

5. Why are some magazines so sad?

They have too many issues!

6. Why do watermelons get upset so easily?

They’re melondramatic!

7. What’s the one time “I’m sorry” and “I apologize” don’t mean the same thing?

At a funeral.

8. Why was the staircase so sad?

Because everyone keeps walking all over them!

9. What do you call a sad cup of coffee?


10. What kind of tea can be hard to swallow?


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