Tea Puns

11+ Tea Puns Just For Brew

The next time you fancy a cup of tea, sit back with your comforting beverage and skim this list of hilarious tea puns while you sip. These tea puns are funny and smart—a brew-tea-ful mix, really.

1. Why was the tea bag at the police station?

She was mugged in broad daylight!

2. What did the tea bag say when he didn’t get laid?

“She was such a teas”

3. What did one tea bag say to the other?

This is the start of a brew-tea-ful friendship.

4. What advice does every tea bag give their daughter?

You’ve gotta stay one steep ahead of everyone else.

5. What did the college tea say to his buddy?

“Cool story, brew.”

Tea Puns

6. How does a tea coach inspire his pupils?

“Brew can do it!”

7. How does the tea bag daredevil warn his audience?

Don’t chai this at home…

8. What does a tea mama say to her kids?

“Goodnight, steep tight.”

9. Have we been to this café before?

I’m getting déjà brew.

10. Why did the tea couple move to town?

They thought it was a lovely communi-tea.

11. Why do paranoid people love tea?

Tea offers safetea.

12. Why are tea lovers always living on the edge?

Because they often find themselves in hot water.

13. How does Moses make his tea?

Hebrews it.

14. What compliment did the tea give?

You’re tea-rrifc.

15. Why do artists drink tea?

It makes them creativitea.

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