45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

30. He threatened to kill himself and said it was all my fault.

“Texted me to tell me he was moving three hours away, like the next week. I was like, all right, we’ll make it work. Then his female pal/ex texted me telling me he’d had sex with her the night before and that I was a sad desperate little girl. She’s like still in school but okay…

So then I went round to his to get some things and tell him I still loved him, blah blah, then he threatened to kill himself and said it was all my fault so I noped the fuck out and blocked him, he messaged me from a new number a few weeks later to tell me he’d found out I’d cheated on him (I hadn’t…) and I laughed and told him to fuck off. He said his music career was about to take off and he’d been signed to a modeling agency…

A year later, I’m with a lovely boy who works hard for everything he has. I’ve been offered a really massive job in London, and I’m graduating uni in June. His music career hasn’t taken off. :)”



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