45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

22. One guy kept me in a relationship by threatening suicide.

“I have a couple..

One guy kept me in a relationship by threatening suicide. After a few months I broke up with him anyway after informing his friends and calling a crisis line to check on him. He started sending me self-harm threats on Facebook, which I screenshot and sent to his mother. Haven’t heard from him since.
Different guy. We broke up in 2009ish, maybe early 2010? He came onto my closed college campus a couple of times (he wasn’t attending) and eventually had to be banned after sneaking into the dorms. He kept doing it. Campus security and I went to the police. The cop was in his amateur theater group so nothing happened. I moved to a different dorm, then off campus, then to a different apartment, and two years later Mr. Three-Day-Old-Unrefrigerated-Pizza-For-Breakfast is at the Wednesday farmer’s market, scanning the other people there and standing at the only exit. I didn’t manage to sneak past him. Packed that night, finished up work until my contract was up on Friday, and moved to a new city an hour’s drive away some Friday night in 2012 (so, two days later—because I saw his car slowly driving up and down my street). He occasionally emails an old address or tries to text me (I save copies in a folder in case I go missing) over the course of the last four years and I never respond. A couple months ago he emailed my father trying to get hold of me and I have no idea how he got that info, maybe off LinkedIn after he made a new account to follow me again after I blocked the old one/s? And now he works within 8 minutes’ drive of where I work or within 20 minutes’ drive of my apartment. I really don’t want to have to move again. fml”



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