45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

23. He would call me a crazy ass bitch whenever I had an autistic attack.

“I’ve had a couple psycho bf’s in my life. The one that stands out the most manipulated the hell out of me. It was pretty for him because of my autism. Took full advantage of it. Making me think I was worthless without him, I would amount to nothing. I was basically garbage. I was with him for almost 3 years I think (2008ish?). He got me into drugs, and while I was higher than the space center somewhere else in my mind he would have anal sex with me or force me to give him blowjobs. I had no idea what was going on until I came down from my high. He would call me a crazy ass bitch whenever I had an autistic attack which made it worse and I ended up slamming my head into a window till it cracked and I passed out. He would manipulate me into basically giving him my paycheck so he could just at mom’s house all day on his ass playing video games online, smoke pot, do drugs, and sleep. His mom ended up kicking him out of the house a bunch of times. On day I went to get my wisdom teeth out, he calls me and demands I come to the park and get him so he can sleep in my car. I snapped and started swearing at him. Had my mom drive me to the park, and I threw the crap he had in my car at him and left. I finally realized he was only using me for my money, his sexual pleasures when he got me drugged up. He threatened to tell my dad (abusive childhood, told me I belong in a mental institution because he couldn’t handle my autism/adhd) I told him to go ahead, then I can get some damn rehab. Blocked him on everything. He would follow me home from work until I called the police on him. I haven’t heard from him in years until a couple months ago. He had a heart attack from all the drugs he was doing. He finally stopped the drugs and cut ties with all his druggie friends (Basically everyone). He had gotten a job. yada yada adult stuff. He wanted to talk and apologize for everything he did to me. I have him come over to my friend’s house because I didn’t want him knowing where I was living. He was afraid I was going to stab him or something for the shit he did to me. He was crying and apologizing. I forgave him for everything but the sexual crap he did to me without me knowing… He feels like a piece of garbage for what he did to me, and even worse that I forgave him. Now he knows what I felt like.”



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