45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

31. He shows up bleeding from his wrists and asks to see me and talk to me.

“Soon to be ex-husband was stalking me. I am 5’4″ and he was 6’5″.

I got a restraining order against him.

That Thanksgiving, I was at my friend’s house.

Ex shows up at her door, bleeding from his wrists and asks to see me and talk to me. That he’s desperate.

Friend gives me his message and I ask her a question…which way was his wrists cut?

She said across the wrists. So, I told her that I said that he needed to do it the right way, if he was going to do it. She didn’t want to tell him that, but I told her she could tell him whatever she wanted to, as long as he knew it came from her, not me.

She went back to the door and told him what I said. He flipped his shit and started hollering at the friend and me.

He left when she threatened to call the Police.

During our marriage, he cheated on me so many times…

My ex didn’t love me, he just wanted to manipulate and control me.

I’ve since happily remarried a much better man and we’ve been happy together for 18 yrs. so far, with a great kid.

Sometimes really bad things can lead to really good things. :)”



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