45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

21. He’s one person that I’m not letting get within 50 miles of me.

“Dated a guy when I was finishing with HS, I was looking for a LTR as was he. We were talking about getting married and such. He was really nice and a great boyfriend, but also an illegal immigrant. I find out that he had an ex-wife/girlfriend and 2 kids, she has a restraining order against him.

I didn’t confront him, should’ve. Six months later I find that he’s wanted in Virginia for federal crime of identity fraud. I didn’t confront him, but was desperately trying to get out of the relationship since it had turned… darker. I was a little afraid for my safety and he turned very verbally abusive, but NEVER physically. It was actually incredibly strange to me how non-verbally gentle he was with me.

Next shocker turns out he lied about his age. He was older than he looked.

I did everything in my power to get him to break up with me. Near the end I find out that his cousin is a high-ranking member of his country’s gang and that he’s involved too running drugs. The cousins did serial murdering.

I finally got him to leave me and break up with me. Found out later through the grapevines that he’s started in the more violent field of his gang, murder.

I move 10 hours away, but tell everyone I know and all my status online that I move to Antarctica for a research intern just in case he tries to find me.

We’ve been broken up for 4 years, but I just heard from somebody that he still thinks that we’re dating/married.

He’s one person that I’m not letting get within 50 miles of me. Because of him I got into self-defense and other things.

I haven’t been dating since I’ve been afraid of him murdering any guy I date.

Safe to say, my impressionable late teens has made me into a very different person than I would’ve been.”



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