45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

19. I went home but woke up to a text at 4am of a photo of freshly sliced slashes in his wrist.

“Let’s see, 3 months into dating he got mad at me because I wouldn’t let him get frisky with me in the grocery store. Then he binged drank and gave me the silent treatment. I went home but woke up to a text at 4am of a photo of freshly sliced slashes in his wrist (had to have been over 10/15 cuts).

He used to make me watch him bite his arm until he broke into his skin. Sick fuck.

At a work Christmas party he got shit faced and tried to convince me and another co-worker to participate in a threesome but when I declined angrily, he stormed out of the bar, started walking in the middle of the street and just disappeared. I showed up to his house hours later after frantically searching for his drunk ass. I quickly collected my things and tried to get out but he proceeded to throw his Christmas tree out the front door along with a big screen TV (which he paid for?) and all the things associated with our relationship.

On my 21st birthday he got so shit faced that I had to be the designated driver -____-

After 2 years of off and on dating, his choice of a great birthday gift was a pair of my favorite football team socks.

Every single vacation was ruined by him getting drunk and threatening to call his ex.

Did I mention he’s a male stripper?

The list goes on and on, poor guy is a raging alcoholic and even though I never want to see him again, I hope he finds happiness. I’ve found mine, and I’ve learned from that relationship GREATLY, but Jesus fuck did I put up with some fucked up shit.”



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