45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

43. He drank water out of my fish tank

“I used to date a guy that worked with me, I broke up with him because he was stalking / being obsessive, after a few weeks I invite him to my birthday party at my house, everything is going fine for a few hours, until I walk into my bedroom and see the guy downing the water out of my fish tank, with all 10+ of my fish strewn over the carpet, last time I date a ‘nice guy.’”


44. He tried to kill me by running me off our balcony in front of a friend.

“Just two of the many:

One ex stole from me, including a necklace of my mother’s, a ton of magic cards, board games and other stuff. He got drunk one night (I wasn’t 21 yet) and lost my car. I had to send a friend to pick him up (I was out of town or working, I don’t quite remember), and it took like two days to find my car. When we broke up he got ahold of the guy I started sleeping with after and called repeatedly to cry at us. He may have burned down the house we had lived in together (the wires that caused the ‘short” had been capped separately to avoid a fire). He showed up at the house and gave me gifts after we broke up cuz he didn’t know what else to do with them.

The next guy tried to kill me by running me off our balcony in front of a friend (thankfully the metal railing held, but my back has never been the same). He jumped in front of my car one time while I was driving off, leaving huge dents (I couldn’t bare to admit what had happened so my car is still dented to this day). The mental abuse was bad enough I was completely twisted and kept sleeping with him after we broke up. One night his mother’s friend, and their roommate, crashed into the room and into the bed and demanded to be apart ‘it’. It turned out she was bipolar, of her meds and he was sleeping with her. I came back once after that to tell him it was over, and I never wanted to see him again, he pushed me down on the bed….. When it was over and I pointed out what he had just done, that I said no, why did he do that? He said that I had had a rape fantasy once and he thought I was acting that out. Worst part I left believing him… Was years before I admitted to myself what a pure psycho he was, that I had been raped (to myself, much less anyone else) made the first one look downright nice.”



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