45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

24. ‘I swear to god if you don’t pick up the phone I will name you in my suicide note.’

“He threatened suicide when I broke up with him, multiple times. He would text me multiple times per day saying things like goodbye, I’m sorry it had to be this way you tried to save me but I’m too fucked up, and sometimes things like ‘I swear to god if you don’t pick up the phone I will name you in my suicide note’.

I finally told him that if he texted me about killing himself one more time, I would have to call the police.

He vandalized my car that night and I had to seek a restraining order. We were coworkers and he was going to lose his job, but I decided to quit instead. I actually moved to a new town to get away from this fucker (the freedom of being single in your 20s is awesome, isn’t it?).

I heard that he got fired a few months later and I have no idea what ever happened to him.”


25. He attempted to kidnap me.

“My first boyfriend ever is a schizophrenic, I didn’t know till a few months in. He started to show signs of multiple personality disorder and he would call me as the other personality and harass me. If I would hang up because I was scared he would call multiple times. He also attempted to kill himself while with me and by himself quite a few times. It even got down to the point that once I finally broke all ties to him that he manipulated my old best friend to dating him so he could have a reason to be around me or in the area where I use to live. He also attempted to kidnap me, by coming to my high-school and following me home. He lied to the cops and said that I had told him to come get me. At the end of all of it he left and drove off an overpass. He survived and as far as I know got the help he needed. I was only about 14 it traumatized me from almost any man that seemed slightly off. It also threw me off the edge a bit and I went after men who were players so I wouldn’t have to worry about an over attached man.”



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