45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

14. He called me ten times an hour on average.

“While he and I were together, back in 2007-2007, he manipulated me into thinking that I wasn’t worth much without him. Every chance he had, he brought me down a peg or two. Basically taught me that my opinion didn’t matter to him and he was clearly the man in charge.

After a breakup (together for a little less than 1 year), he called me constantly from the bars, seriously about 10 calls an hour he averaged. If I didn’t pick up, he’d call repeated until I did, and leave voicemails. He would say things like ‘I’m so much happier without you!’ while on the phone with me. Or he’d call and ask me to get back together with him, I said no each time.

The final straw was after the break up, he still had stuff at my apartment, which was in a gated community. I was going to drop it off at his friend’s house later the next day. He showed up at the complex, stood outside my window for idk how long and proceeded to call me at about 12:30am, I am dead asleep. The call wakes me up, I naively let him in to get his stuff, he didn’t leave right away. Insisted on attempting to get back with him. He tried for an hour, I stayed my ground and said no. Once he realized he wasn’t going to get me back, he stormed out.

The next day I got a message over Facebook saying that I should get tested because he slept with any girl who would have him while he and I were together (I’m clean and have been since). I still have the message from him to remind me of he tried to come back in my life, don’t let him.

I changed my phone number a few days later because the calls wouldn’t stop, deleted and blocked him off of Facebook, unfriended his friends and family.

I recently found out he has sent me some messages over Facebook trying to find out how I am. I responded very harshly and said basically I am not interested in having you in my life, don’t contact me again. Then I blocked that account he used.”



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