The Comprehensive Myers-Briggs Gift Guide


INTPs enjoy gifts that are complex, cutting-edge and thought-provoking. This holiday season, pick them up something that gets them thinking – to the INTP, a good idea always trumps a holiday sweater.

For Your INTP Parent: The Bookcase Chair That Maximizes Learning And Laziness


INTPs love learning, almost as much as they hate getting up and finding the things that they want. Indulge both of their favourite activities with this two-in-one bookcase chair! You may actually never see your parent again!

For Your INTP Sibling: The Way-Out Nightlight They Can Use To Galaxy Gaze


While most of us find outer space terrifying, your INTP sibling most likely finds it fascinating. Give them this galaxy nightlight to lull them to sleep among the stars. It’s like those glow-in-the-dark stars they once had pasted to their ceiling, but way cooler.

For Your INTP Significant Other: The Bed-Friendly iPad Stand That Lets You Both Binge-Watch Netflix


Let’s be serious – you two fiend Netflix a lot. And it would be really nice to do it in bed, on your iPads, without having to crane your necks. It’s about time you just cut to the chase and invested in one of these babies.

For Your INTP Friend: An Informative Piece Of Art That They May Actually Want To Hang Up


Your INTP friend isn’t huge on artwork – but they might be if artwork were in equal parts informative and strange. This anatomically correct drawing is exactly what might finally prompt them to hang something up – something all their houseguests can learn from.

For Your INTP Boss: The Laboratory Beakers That Let Them Take The Science Home


Not ALL INTPs work in a lab – but enough do to make these beaker glasses a raging hit. Give them to the boss who never wants to go home – just make sure they don’t mix them up with the real lab beakers when they’re exhausted.TC mark

Want more ideas for the INTP in your life? Check out the full INTP gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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