The Comprehensive Myers-Briggs Gift Guide


ESTJs want gifts that they can use – plain and simple. Pick them up an item that’s practical, reliable and high-quality, to ensure that they will actually appreciate it.

For Your ESTJ Parent: The Only Blender They’re Ever Going To Need


Your ESTJ parent is all about quality – so if you get them an appliance, it has to be one they can rely on. With this popular blender, they can choose the exact accessories they need. You know they’ll have specific ideas, so just provide them with the basic machine and let them decide on the rest.

For Your ESTJ Sibling: The Toothbrush That Soothes Their Inner Germaphobe


It may not be the world’s most exciting gift, but it is one that they will appreciate. With a toothbrush holder that de-sanitizes your toothbrush automatically, every germaphobe will be in heaven.

For Your ESTJ Significant Other: The Clean, Classic Bedding Set They’ve Been Looking For


Your ESTJ significant other has been looking to spruce up their place – but they hate to spend unnecessary money. Give their bedroom the touch of class it’s been needing with these crisp, classic sheets – they’ll be pleased with the grown-up look it gives the place.

For Your ESTJ Friend: Touch Screen Gloves That Aren’t Totally Heinous


Your ESTJ friend is one busy guy or gal. They need to be able to check their notifications on the go – even when it’s cold out. Enter these stylish gloves. They compliment any outfit and allow your friend to keep themselves wired. Productivity hacked.

For Your ESTJ Boss: The Pen Holder They Need To Slash Their Stress In Half


Let’s not beat around the bush – there are days where you’re all pretty sure that someone is going to get stabbed in the office. It might as well be the penholder. TC mark

Want more ideas for the ESTJ in your life? Check out the full ESTJ gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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