28 People Reveal The Most Humiliating Thing Their Parents Caught Them Doing

9. Mother was traumatized

When I was young me and my (female) friends used to play doctor, which looking back involved some pretty disturbing things for 5 year old girls to be doing. Once we were having a sleepover and my mum walked in to me stark naked with 3 fully clothed other girls around me inserting small paint brushes into my vagina. Still to this day I have no idea what she thought. – throwthrowthrooooowa

10. That’s the first thing I think of to do when I get a boner too!

Not my story but my friend has a pretty embarrassing story. It was about middle school and he thought he was home alone. He had just taken a shower and for some random reason had a boner. He was a really weird kid and just for the heck of it he though it would be funny to walk around with a clothes hanger dangling from his erection. As he is walking around the house like this it turns out his dad was home and walks around the corner so they are both staring at each other. His dad doesn’t say a word and all that he can get out of his mouth is “I didn’t think anyone was home”. I don’t think they ever once discussed it. – spiralout154


Jerking off into a empty two liter bottle in the kitchen. 14-years-old and had a 50 dollar bet that I could fill it in a year. – C-4

12. The gasp to end all gasps

When I was 6-years-old, my mother used to baby sit my neighbor Annie. Annie was a very artistic girl; she loved to color and draw everything she saw.

One day, I was playing star fox 64 on my Nintendo 64 and Annie was watching. Of course, being too absorbed in the game, I never turned around to see her greatest work of art.

My mom walks in the room to check on us and does a gasp to end all gasps…

Annie had made a drawing of a triangular looking ship with a circle around it. It was Star Fox doing a barrel roll…

…except she made it with a load of diarrhea she scooped out of her pants. – neric05


Masturbating. To Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. There, I said it. – Antiproductive


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