28 People Reveal The Most Humiliating Thing Their Parents Caught Them Doing

18. Hey mom, remember the time I used the video camera?

When I was about 12 my brothers and I used to borrow my parent’s camcorder to make terrible home films.

One night, after using the camera for day and dicking around with my siblings, for some reason I had an overwhelming urge to record myself fapping (or attempting to as the case may be…).

‘Lo and behold, a couple of days later Mother decides to show a family friend some videos she took of her darlings playing in school concerts and the like. Plugging in the camcorder to the VHS (or whatever, I was too young to work it out and it’s all using computers now days, fuck you.), she fast forwards through our crap films and tries to get to the concert footage. After about a minute and a half of me standing up on stage, squeaking away on my little violin the footage cut to black, only to be replaced with me violently whacking it, camera placed on the foot of my bed, making eye-contact with the camera the entire time.

No facial expressions whatsoever…

I never received a lecture about use of the camera, or replacing the tape inside it. My parents have never mentioned it to me or anyone else. All I knew then was that one day we were allowed to use the camera, and the next, we weren’t.

Now when I look back at it, I shudder… – ThatOneCattt

19. Hey son, remember the time you showed us those pictures?

Back in 2004 having just returned from Iraq my wife and I celebrated by heading to Jamaica (Hedo 3). We had the atypical fun down there and head back to our hometown to spend a week with family before heading back to Alaska where we were stationed.

On my deployment to Iraq I had gotten a fat reenlistment bonus that I spent an over the top VoodooPC laptop, I was very excited to show off my laptop when we got to my moms house and I hooked it up to her TV to show my pictures from Iraq and our vacation. Well my dumbass hadn’t broken the pics into good vacation and bad vacation pics so here we are, my wife and her parents and my mom and I sitting around this 50+ inch big screen when all of a sudden a nice shot of my wifes vagina pops up in 50 inch technicolor. Oh god, I panicked…started trying to click through the pics, each got progressively worse. It was about the time when my junk was in her mouth and she was looking up at me that I yanked the cable from the tv. The only sound to be heard was my deep exhale and the sobbing of my wife next to me. Yeah, my mom, being full of class brings that up every time we are in town. – Spooney_Love


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