Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color

Burnt Sienna

Your boyfriend wants you to stop buying candles but you won’t.

Burnt Umber

You are the hard-to-get-girl. You resist all advances until you are 100% sure you’re in love.

Camouflage Green

You are skilled at adapting to any situation. If your boyfriend is sad, you are a great cheerleader. If he is being stupid cocky, you are great at bringing him back down to earth.

Caput Mortuum

A lot of the time you fall asleep during sex.


You can be very insecure about your relationship, but that’s just because your love is insanely big.


You are the brave one in the relationship.

Carrot orange

You are an incredibly picky eater, to the point where your (great) boyfriend knows exactly what to cook you for dinner on date nights.


You’ve had sex in a lake before, and it was really hot.


Your boyfriend thinks you have an attitude. He is right.

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