Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color


You take relationships very seriously, which is why you can be reluctant to get involved in one. You want a strong love, and you are willing to wait for that. Once you have it, however, you are a loyal and steadfast partner who sticks with her man through thick and thin. You are always willing to forgive, but a little less willing to forget.

Sky Blue

You see your relationships as the start of something truly great. You don’t “date just to date.”

Slate grey

You’ve slapped one of your boyfriends before.


You are very focused on your career, making your romantic life take a backseat. When you are dating you refuse to let it get in the way of your job and success. Sometimes your boyfriends call you “aloof.”

Spring bud

You want very open communication in your relationship. Having a man who lies or isn’t honest is a total non-starter for you.

Spring green

You are an exceptionally forgiving girlfriend. You can look past lots of your boyfriend’s flaws to find the quality person underneath.

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