Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color


You actually don’t usually date because literally everyone is terrible.

Powder blue

You like to be babied in your relationship and taken care of. A sure way to your heart is your man cooking a nice breakfast in bed.


You don’t have time for lovey-dovey shit.

Prussian blue

You really like order in your relationships, and expect your boyfriend to abide by something resembling a routine.

Psychedelic purple

You are and your boyfriend love doing drugs together.


Okay, you admit it, you are the #basic girlfriend. Now go rope your boyfriend into picking you up a PSL from Starbucks!


You are the girlfriend who truly strives for an equal relationship with her man. You like splitting the bill and taking turns doing things. You are an A+ communicator, even talking about what things he would like different in bed. You are a true keeper, even if you are a bit hyperactive at times!

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