Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color


You are always pushing your boyfriend to go out and drink, even when he doesn’t want to. You’re always willing to pay for his brunch sangria or mimosa.


You refuse to get drunk in front of your boyfriend.


You think Friends with Benefits is much funner and much less complicated than romantic relationships with traditional labels.

School bus yellow

Your first sexual experience was in the back of a school bus.

Sea Green

You have a lot of intense, short-lived relationships that come and go very quickly. You enjoy the excitement of new relationships more than the long slog of established long-term ones.


You want to get married on the beach, and you’ll plan every single tiny detail because you are TOTES a dating micromanager.


You are the “boring” girlfriend, and you are 100% okay with that.

Shocking Pink

You like to say shocking things to see how your boyfriend reacts. He usually flips out, and you are very entertained.

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