Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color

Fern green

You really like spending time outside in nature. You’re the girlfriend that pushes her man to go on a hike with her (he wants to stay inside and watch TV).


You always know what to do in an emergency.


You are the quiet girlfriend who loves very deeply.

Forest green

You are the girlfriend who loves posting cute #dating selfies to Instagram, but also loves turning off the phone and just spending 1:1 time with the BF.

French Rose

You have expensive tastes, and your boyfriend knows it. If he isn’t willing to take you to Paris for the honeymoon, he shouldn’t bother with asking you out.


Your favorite memories in your relationship always involve the special outings you go on with just your man. The small inside jokes that ONLY the two of you share. You like feeling special to someone and making them feel special too.


You’ve been single for a long time, but when you finally date someone who will be mature enough to actually handle that relationship.

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