Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color

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We worked very hard to include EVERY color in this list. Try Command+F (Mac) or Control+F (PC) to search the page for specifically YOUR favorite color!


You are always high energy and don’t let your boyfriend waste valuable time lounging around! You drive people to go on adventures.


You were single for a long time before dating, and so you approach your relationship with caution and care. You think things though and are careful with your heart.


You have a heart of gold and would constantly go out of your way to help your boyfriend.


On the outside, you are sappily sweet to your boyfriend, but you are VERY willing to call him out on his shit.


You are the girlfriend that every boy loves to cuddle with. You literally make your man melt in your arms.


You try to be the chill girlfriend, but you actually take your love and relationship very seriously. Once someone gets you to admit that, you are much more relaxed and happy.


Your dream date would involve old-fashioned dancing with your man.


You are the girlfriend always bullying your man to eat better and exercise (good for you)!


Your exes would say that you were really cold, but they never actually took the time to get to know you.


You are the epitome of confidence. You know what you want in a relationship, and you’ve had a lot of boyfriends because nobody has quite given it to you yet.


You want an old-fashioned love that goes long and deep. You aren’t interested in casual dating or hookups.

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