Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color


You are the girlfriend who feels very deeply. You can’t just “be chill” or brush something off. You expect your boyfriend to be considerate of your feelings.

Titanium White

You are the woman who manages to do it all. You have a great career, an extremely happy relationship, and still juggle a social life on top of that. Your boyfriend is the one who cooks dinner.


You have a very routinue sex life.


You are a bubbly girlfriend who always laughs at her man’s jokes (even when they aren’t funny).

Tyrian purple

You are an extremely ambitious dater and typically only date people more accomplished and successful than you are.


Once you start dating, you get extremely excited about life. You find new energy, and constantly want to be around your boyfriend.

Van Dyke Brown

Somehow your relationships are constantly boring?


You are the girlfriend who actively defends her boyfriend from other people who might want to start rumors or stupid drama.

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