Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color


You are the woman who has been let down in many relationships, but regardless keeps trying to date anyway. Your heart is ginger and sore as you process your disappointments. But when you finally find someone who treats you right, you thrive in a relationship of mutual respect and love.


Your boyfriend often has to stop you to ask you for the definitions of some words you’re using.


You’re part of the most boring couple in history, but you make each other happy!



You aren’t afraid of blending in. Once you and your boyfriend start dating, you essentially become one and the same. You are never apart, and do absolutely everything together. Sometimes your friends give you shit for this, but oh well — you’re happy!


You’ve been skydiving with your boyfriend before (he didn’t want to go).


You are constantly stuck in this “on again, off again” relationship with a guy who never commits.


You are the girlfriend who is true #RelationshipGoals. You look after your boyfriend, and are always around to cheer him up.


You have an absurd sense of humor that makes no sense to anbody except your boyfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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