Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color


You’ve gotten in a bar fight over your man before, and you don’t regret it.


Your boyfriend thinks you like sweets more than you like him. He might be right.


You have a fiery temper that can go off at any time. Your boyfriend knows to let you rant and cool down.


You want a sweet, adventurous relationship. You’re the type of girlfriend who wants to be taken on adventurous and cool nights on the town. It isn’t enough to stay in and cuddle, you want to go out and explore!


You are a calm, reliable girlfriend. Nothing phases you, and you have an icy calmness and is reassuring and helpful — especially when your man is going through shit.


You know how to fix pretty much anything, and your boyfriend calls YOU to kill insects.


You play an instrument and frequently use music to express your feelings in a relationship.

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