Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color

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You asked your boyfriend out on the first date.


You are the girlfriend who stays up late with her man when he’s sick. You are the girlfriend who goes out of her way to wish him luck before a big test and root him on in everything he does.



People think you’re soft, but they’ve never seen you defend your man.


You sometimes slyly pay the bill when you go out to dinner.

Kelly green

There is something about public sex that excites you.


You go out of your way to make your boyfriend feel comfortable.


You are the “sad” girlfriend who tends to be a little pessimistic. However, you give out insane amounts of love and affection to your boyfriend.


You have a habit of saying sassy things that can sting a little too hard, but you are always good for some INTENSE makeup sex.

Lemon chiffon

You don’t mind if your boyfriend is a little jealous when you flirt with other guys. That means he still is very into you.


You just want to be cuddled to death, basically.


You have a special way of knowing just how to make your boyfriend’s day. It’s actually uncanny.

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