Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color

Quartz Grey

Your boyfriend said you were a little boring, so you dumped him.

Raw umber

You can beat your boyfriend in arm-wrestling.


You are the girlfriend with pizazz. You always have some hilarious joke or story to tell your boyfriend, and he gets worried when you spend too much time quiet.


You are always quick to defend your man and your relationship. You are #RelationshipGoalz, and you aren’t going to dick around with people who don’t respect you. Some people say you have a temper, but you call it confidence!

Robin egg blue

You approach relationships with caution because you’ve been hurt before, you


Your boyfriend thinks you like wine more than you like him. He might be right.

Royal blue

You ex says you were “high-maintenance” but really he was just a piece of shit.

Royal purple

You expect your boyfriend to stop communicating with all his exes and “side” girls. That’s why people call you a “crazy girlfriend” but really you just have something called “expectations.”

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