Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color


If your boyfriend wants to impress you, he only needs to get you some nice jewelry. You communicate your love through gifts, so it’s important for you to both get and give gifts.


You are always the first to apologize for your mistakes — even when problems in the relationship aren’t even your fault.


For you, the little things are important for you in relationships. You are a girlfriend who will remember every important date and event in your man’s relationship, and you always work hard to make him feel special.


You have an icy outside demeanor, but that does not reflect the true size of your heart. You are deliberate and measured, but you are also capable of very big love.

Han Purple

You want to have a beach wedding big enough for all your friends and family. Even though you take your relationship very seriously, you also value your friendships. Any man who tries to make you focus on ONLY him isn’t going to work with you.


You are the sassy girlfriend who won’t stop making fun of her boyfriend — all in love, of course.


You love isolation with your boyfriend. Weekend retreat to a cute cabin? Yes, please.

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