34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

16. He said it for the hell of it

I used to take take people’s pictures for passport, permanent resident card, firearm license etc.

One time after I handed the finished prints to a Latino family for their permanent resident cards, the father then asked me to sign the back of the pictures. I politely said no, because only his employer or family doctor or someone who has known then for the past few years can sign that. My job is to stamp the back showing the business name and the location of where the picture was taken. He asked me again, I declined again, informing him i am not authorized to sign, and the pictures would be invalid with my signature.

He then starts yelling at me for not signing. I even showed him the instruction he had received from the immigration office about the picture requirements, pointing out the line where it says the photographer may not sign. Still, he would not hear any of it, starts to yell at me louder and a line starts to form behind him.

If you had read this far, you might think why I had to point out they are latino. Well, because him being a new immigrant was speaking English rather poorly but he then proceeded to yell “Do you even speak English?” to me. He knew damn well I do, he only said it because I’m asian. That’s when I lost it and started yelling back and threatened to call security. They eventually left with the father fuming and cursing. To be fair, his wife was very embarrassed but was afraid to speak up, and the two children were just scared.

17. LIAR

I used to work at a place where one half was a bakery and the other half was a cafe/restaurant. My job was basically to chill behind the pastry counter and get cookies, cakes, pastries, or bread for people.

One day this really old lady came in, like she was ancient, and she approaches me by the pastry counter and asks how much a baba rum costs. So I told her that it was $2.50 or some crap like that and she starts screaming at me “LIAR”. It really took me by surprise, and then as soon as she had flipped out she returned to normal and started asking me the prices of other things we had. Every time I told her the price she would start freaking out and say that I was lying to her, but then other times she’d gently say “Oh wow! It’s only that much? What a great deal!”

So she ends up back by the baba rum and asks how much it is. I tell her what I told her before, $2.50. This time she’s like “Okay, I’ll take it!” So I’m putting it in a box for her (and by this time my manager had kind of been drawn out of her office because of all the yelling and is just standing by) and the lady goes “CUT IT! I WANT YOU TO CUT IT!” so I asked her if there was a specific way she wanted me to cut it and she responds “YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING CRACK-PIPE BITCH, GO BACK TO SCHOOL!” Mind you this was a summer job so I was just like …wut lol
But yeah, my manager decided to intervene then and tell the lady she had to calm down and she couldn’t treat the employees like crap and that if she wanted to stay she would have to relax. Thankfully the lady decided to go to the other have of the place, the cafe section and she began bothering those poor waitresses about her coffee.


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