34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

18. Oh no he didn’t

When I was cashier at Walmart I had a guy come up and ask me where the pickles were. “They’re in the jars over on aisle 2” I told him. He looked at me confused for a second then said. “No I want the fresh pickles.” So I kindly replied with “Oh, sir, do you mean cucumbers? They’re right over there next to the zucchini.” He looked like he was starting to get mad and said, “No, I want the god damn fresh pickles, I swear this store is full of retards.” before storming out.

19. More like horror

Carnival ride operator stories:

The Zipper: Obese mother tells her rugrats to collect the change under the ride while the ride is operating. Beside the danger, that’s my tips, dammit!

[Carousel]: Many running toddlers saved from manglement, but I remember a pedaccusation from one asshole mom. Little girl rode by herself on a horse. After the ride she couldn’t get down so I held out my hands and asked if she needed help. She smiled and launched herself at me off the ride, which made me crack up. I smiled and watched her run to her mom, who gave me a dirty look and complained to management.

The Double Octopus: Kids standing on the fence shaking it back and forth, forcing e to shut down the ride and chase them off, over and over, while the parents browsed a Shop-O-Crap. Also, many more pedaccusations simply due to how you have to get on and off the ride – crotch to face with the attendant.

The Hammerhead and others: Being blamed for making people throw up or held responsible for others getting thrown up on.

Ferris Wheel: Kid ran right into the ride, around the step and under the wheel while it was running. Lucky not to have died. Later, cops came because the dad wanted to make trouble over his own stupidity, until we shamed him into going away.

Scrambler: Kid shot me with a potato gun about a centimeter below my eye. I smacked him in the head and told him to run, which he did. Some woman witnessed me hitting him and made trouble for me.

ALL: You are given abuse for everything from lost change to lost tickets to lost lunches. People expect you to police their line. Women get upset when you don’t flirt with them (men too).


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