34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

25. Forest green

I used to work in the take-out section of a restaurant. One very hot summer day…like 103 degrees this jumbo-sized woman came in to pick up her order. When it came time to pay she reached inside her shirt, into her bra, and pulled out a $10. It was soaking with sweat. You know how American paper money is sort of pale green? This bill was so wet it was forest green.

Fortunately she put the bill on the counter instead of my hand. I just stared at it for a few seconds. Then I range up the order and gave her her change…without even touching the bill. After she walked out I used a tissue to drop it into a drawer underneath the register. A few hours later I slipped it into a cash drop and gave it to my manager.

26. The racism card

Worked at a copy center, guy paid with credit card. Some credit card companies have random checks where you have to call in. It pops up and says “Call credit company” or somesuch. I actually asked my supervisor over the radio real quick, she said, “yea that message is normal”. I called the 800 number, read some info off the card, good to go.

Guy immediately goes into this “oh you’re racist” rant, insisting that I called the credit company because he was black and I assumed he stole the card. He complains to my supervisor, tells the supervisor it took 30 minutes (I printed a copy of the receipt, the total transaction from beginning to end was about 4 minutes).

He contacts corporate, complains, they send regional manager, regional manager insists that I need re-training. I tell regional manager, “No I’m not going. I did everything correctly. I’d rather you fire me”. He left, I worked there the rest of the summer.

27. White trash beating

I used to work at Kroger. My best horror story is this white trash lady customer who would buy meat, eat half of it and put kitty litter and other stuff to make it look like it went bad early to return for a free refund. This stupid lady would do this every week each time graduating to more expensive meat. Now, there is this really nice black lady who works in the office. She is just super awesome. One time I called in sick and when I came in the next day she had home made chicken soup for me. She was that awesome. So this Customer comes up to her with bags and bags of half eaten “turned meat” and tries to get a refund.

This nice black lady goes through the bag and finds actual pieces of kitty litter in the bags this time. So she tells the customer to wait while she calls a manager to authorize/check on the meat for the refund. This customer goes off and calls the lady a “Fing N#%%er” and to give her, her fing money right fing now. This sweet black lady JUMPS the counter and proceeds to drag the customer back over to the money counting room for a ROYAL ASS beating. The entire front of the store stopped talking, moving, checking items out everything just stops.

All we could hear was the customer screaming bloody murder in the back money room with the door rhythmly bumping the door jam. BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP it was straight out of a horror movie. The manager runs up from the back of the store and then gingerly opens the door and just stairs with his mouth open……… Then the police and an ambulance show up and it was the last I saw of both the customer and employee.

That chicken noodle soup was really freaking awesome.

28. The Taco Bell Escapades

I work at a taco bell. I have two that I can think of off the top of my head.

I’m working cashier on the 4th of July last year, and this middle-aged man comes in with his pretty wife, seeming like just a normal customer, you know, just order your food and wait for it so you can eat. No. The first thing he does when he gets to the register is stare at the thermostat, which is on 68 degrees. So I think to myself, “okay…” but didn’t really think the temperature was a big deal until his face turns bright red and starts flipping out. He’s screaming at me saying “we’ve been over this before haven’t we?! I don’t know how many times I’ve come in here and seen that the temperature was on 68 goddamned. This is fucking ridiculous! Don’t you think that’s too fuckin’ cold to be serving food?” And he goes on and on about how to restaurant is too cold and he can’t eat here because of that (and it’s like, at least 90 degrees outside). I go to get my manager who has apparently dealt with him multiple times. He gets the number to the corporate office to complain and then throws another tantrum because he thinks that’s not the actual number. But anyway he called corporate office and made it so that we are not supposed to turn the thermostat down at all. I’ve seen this man probably ten times after this, each time it’s the same ordeal: if it’s too cold, I get a good yelling at and he walks out. IF it isn’t too cold, he gets his food and complains about it the entire time we eat.

This story happened a few weeks ago. A relatively attractive, I’m going to guess about 23 or 24, man is sitting at a table in the dining room area and I’m working cashier. He finishes his food, gets up, and asks me if I would watch his backpack for him, as he “has to go #1, not #2” and he promises he won’t be long. I say “okay, that’s fine” but I thought it was a little strange. My coworker watches him walk into the men’s room to do whatever and he walks out about a minute or so later. He goes back to him table to get something out of his backpack and this time, he goes into the women’s bathroom. With the door unlocked. Three or four women go to the women’s bathroom over the course of maybe 30 minutes and tell me that there’s a man sitting on the toilet naked. I talk to my manager about it and he obviously doesn’t want to do anything about it, so he has skinny white girl at 5’3 to check on the man supposedly naked in the woman’s bathroom. His backpack was still at the table. I knock on the door three times as loud as a could with no response from anyone inside. So I just walk in, lo and behold, he’s naked as fuck just sitting on the toilet playing with himself. I get a “hey” and I walk out.


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