34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment


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1. Third day on the job

Basically I was working the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college at a science museum in South Florida. That day I was an operator for the Mars Rover ride. It’s morning and we have a a few families and couple of summer camps running around ages 7-12 and so I was pretty busy stopping the ride to tell the kids to sit down and stop hitting each other (the ride had a monitor so I could see inside). It starts to quiet down as one of the camps goes to lunch so there’s not so many people but since I’m running the only ride in the museum and kids are still flocking to me constantly.

So I’m running the ride and this family of 6 (mom, dad, aunt or something, teenager, older kid and little kid) come up and wait in line. The little kid is going bat shit running around. NONE of the adults do anything to stop him and I don’t cause I’m busy watching the monitor since the little fucks on board have already gotten up and switched seats mid ride twice. I was on the in ride intercom telling them to sit the fuck down when I hear a howl-scream from the line area.

The little kid had run into the metal chain (at neck level) that we kept to separate the loading are and the line area and had fallen backwards. The mom marches up to me and starts screaming about how I wasn’t paying attention and I let her kid get hurt. I stand there like a dumb shit cause I can’t believe she’s actually fucking mad at me. She makes me get my supervisor to get me fired.

I’m right there and shes telling the supervisor what an impenitent fuck I am and that I have no business working around children. My supervisor who is awesome says very calmly, “Miss, this is a museum, not a babysitting service. You need to keep watch of your children, not the ride operator.”

The lady and her family of goons storms out. She called the city for poor safety but the city only told us we had to change the chain separator to plastic or rubber. The maintenance guy did it the next day. He looked at me and went “things going downhill when you have to idiot-proof a museum.”

Did I mention it was my 3rd day?

2. Mad at McDonalds

I work at a Mcdonalds in Australia. A few Fridays ago there was probably the most inconceivable act by a customer.

A lady and her elderly mother came through the drive thru. They had to wait on fresh food and so we asked them to park to the side. They decided, while parked, to get dessert aswell, so the lady came inside to order. When she was served, she also received her order from before.

Another customer waiting on food thought that she had just come in to the restaurant and got her food before he did, when he’d been waiting (approx. 8 min) so he gets angry.

This guy abuses everybody in the store. Customer, crew, manager, and this lady. She tries to leave, so the guy goes out to her car, opens the door, pulls her elderly mother from the passenger seat and beats her.

He beat an elderly woman. Because he had to wait 8 minutes. For Mcdonalds.

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