34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

29. “Lotion”

I once worked in a game shop where a really creepy old man used to come to see me. He would often come just to chat. When my father passed away he came in with flowers and chocolates and a card for me ( he saw his name in the newspaper and we have a very unusual name). He was sweet but a bit stalky but I didn’t mind until one day he came in with a very special gift for me. Home made suntan lotion. And his words “it’s my special home made recipe so spread it on nice and thick like a good girl.” well when I refused to put it on he completely lost his shit and had to be escorted off the premises by security. Never saw him again but heard he tried to jump off a building.

30. She knew what she was doing

I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts. An elderly lady asked for a dozen donuts. She did this right during a shift change at the local factory, where about 100 factory workers would come to get coffee before and after their shift. So, we would get a line out the door for about 20 minutes.

She stood there, asked me to put 3 donuts in the box, changed her mind, emptied the box, ect, for at least 10 minutes. The people in line were groaning and bitching, and starting to stomp off in a huff.

She KNEW she what she was doing, and after about the fourth time she asked me to ‘just start over’, she got an actual collective moan from an audience of at least 50 people.

She looked behind her and said ‘I’m being a lot of trouble, aren’t I?’, and I nicely said something like ‘I think our other customers would appreciate it if we could finish this up’. She finally just asked for her 12 donuts, I rung her up, and then had 15 minutes of dealing with the most pissed off customers I’ve ever dealt with.

The next day my manager called me in her office. She was really angry to have received a phone call from a nice old lady about how one of her staff at told her to ‘hurry up’ the night before.

I never said ‘hurry up’, and I only said what I said in response to her own comment.

Tl;Dr old indecisive lady tries to get me fired from Dunkin Donuts.

31. “This ain’t Bombay”

I worked at the DMV for awhile and this woman comes in so her daughter could take her drivers test. Her name was Angel. I took her information did the data entry and printed out the application. I showed them the paper asking them to review it to see if there were any mistakes. They looked it over and suddenly the Mom balls up the paper and throws it at my face and says,”MY DAUGHTER’S NAME IS NOT ANGLE!!!” The daughter said,”Mom, that’s how you spell Angel…”. This commotion caught the attention of the manager and they were escorted through the whole process with the manager’s lips firmly planted on their asses. I later got yelled at about accuracy, not making mistakes, and being nicer.

I quit a week later when a man from India was trying to get his DL and we get to a left turn lane that had a line. He reacted to that by getting in the line to the right and just turning along side the turning lane. His relative was in the car with us yelling at him that this “isn’t Bombay you idiot.”

That was just the last straw.


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