34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

34. Confederacy of dunces

Worked at Best Buy, and was training a new girl on ringing people up. She scans his cordless phone he brought up. It’s $39.99 but he says it’s $24.99. I ask him to show me where he got it and he shows me. There’s two phones with similar boxes right next to each other and I show him that and the spot where he took one from the wrong spot. He says he got it from the other spot. I show him that they are both fully stocked except the one spot from where he got his.

He starts talking about how we were all trying to scam him and that it was the classic bait and switch. I didn’t have time for the BS so I tell him if he doesn’t want it, don’t get it. I could care less. He goes to get rung up again and starts yelling at the girl and he’s calling her names and making her cry. He calls her an idiot so I told him at least that idiot knows how to read and could grab a phone from the right spot. He gets my manager and he politely agrees with me that this customer is in fact, an idiot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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