34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment

5. She was a drama queen

I used to work in a bowling alley. Our policy with the bumper rails (or gutter guards, whatever you want to call them) was that they were generally for kids 7 and under, but we could bend the rule if the kid was having lots of issues and we could be sure that they wouldn’t throw so hard as to break them. Unfortunately we didn’t have the kind that went up and down electronically, or this could have all been avoided.

Anyways, this woman comes in with her 9 year old son, and asks me to put up the rails for him. I tell her our policy, and that he should try out a few frames to see how he does without them before I put them up. Halfway through explaining this, this woman starts shrieking at me that it’s fucking bullshit and she wants to see my manager, and there’s a grown man playing on a lane with bumpers (with his 4 year old son), but her kid couldn’t have them. This went on for a good 10 minutes of her yelling at me and my manager, all while this little boy is standing there crying.

So we end up getting her calmed down, and on a lane. 5 minutes later, she comes up yelling that her son sucks at bowling and needs the rails. So my manager reaches into the cash drawer, slaps her money on the counter and tells her that she’s no longer welcome at that bowling center. And she leaves, bawling son in tow.

6. She wasn’t happy

I used to work at a very popular lingerie store. It was just after Christmas and we had a ton of customers–people returning things to using gift cards that they had received. I’m working at the registers, when this lady comes up to the counter and says that she wants to return a bra that she bought. She had the receipt, but the bra was clearly used so I was hesitant to let her return it. But my manager just said to do it, so, following the return policy, I told her that I could put the money back on the debit card she had used to pay for the bra. She had been polite up until then. But then she started screaming “NO! I WANT CASH!” I was pretty surprised, but tried to calmly explain to her that I couldn’t do that because the computer wouldn’t let me. I didn’t have the authority to override the return system. She starts screaming “YOU BITCH! I JUST WANT MY CASH!” The manager comes over and tries to resolve the issue, but still the woman keeps yelling “YOU MOTHER F***ING BITCH GIVE ME MY MONEY!” over and over. Finally she throws the unwanted bra in my managers face and storms out. I thought it was over….but boy was I wrong. After she leaves, the computers stop working. I guess because we had been trying to override the return system, we had messed something up, because it would no longer accept debit or credit cards at all. Then about 10 minutes later she comes back, walks right up to my register and hands me a debit card. Knowing the response I was going to get, I calmly informed her that the computers were no longer accepting debit cards. Good god the crap she yelled at me. I just stood there silently nodding and apologizing every now and then while she just yelled and yelled and yelled.

After she left, the other customers in line all gave me thumbs up and said stuff like, “Hey, she was crazy. Don’t worry about it.” Worst day of my whole time working there.


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